February Album Writing Month 2024 

FAWM Year #17. Fifteen New Songs. This year, I did a combination of live video performances and studio recordings including co-writes with David Taro and Emily Davis and collaborations with David Taro, Thomas Boles, Sonya Heller, Hannah Busse, Steven Wesley Guiles, Ken Mattsson and ZeCoop. 

Favorite Imperfections - A New Dan Vaillancourt Album!  

Fifteen brand-new songs from Dan Vaillancourt available on bandcamp.

This is an album for people who have fondness for the flawed, who find intrigue in imperfections and seek magic in the mundane. Stylistically, it weaves from rock to folk to ambient. Lyrically, it is like overhearing a conversation between old friends telling stories, sharing snippets of dreams and whispering secrets softly into the darkest night.